Top sites

Top sites is a program which works like a poll system. It lets a webmaster sign up and receive a special  URL which he/she will put on their website. Then, whoever clicks on that link/banner linked to that special URL will generate one vote for that site. The more votes the site gets, the higher it is ranked among other sites. (example)


1. Unix or Windows NT
2. Perl 5
3. "at" utility (if running on windows NT)


  • Advanced admin system (Demo - password: demo)
  • Anti-cheat system
  • Ability to split the list into many parts
  • Site of the day
  • Send bulk email
  • Ability to design your own look
  • Modify, delete, suspend, resume accounts
  • Logs: today's votes, today's hits, total votes, total hits.
  • Crontab support
  • Rank by:
        Votes per day
        Total votes
        Hits per day
        Total hits
        Average of votes per day
        Average of hits per day
  • Free upgrades
  • Free layout design
  • And more...
  • The current price for this program is $150. If you are interested, please email for order information.

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