Welcome to OptiNet. We specialize in developing CGI for various web sites. Our low hourly rates will allow you to obtain a CGI program that you desire.

Some of the reasons why people use CGI:

  • They make your web site more attractive and interactive.
  • They lower the time it takes to perform many common tasks.
  • They take/receive information from your visitors for you.
  • They increase your business productivity.
  • The last but not the least, they bring a lot of traffic.
  • Having a web site won't do you much good unless it is visited by others on daily basis. With CGI you will increase the amount of traffic to your site at least by %10, not only will your life become more easier as a webmaster, but also will make your web site more successful.

    A resent study shows that internet is growing at a phenomenal rate of 11 million new users each year. This fact makes it possible to create a successful business on the internet, however, with little interaction it is most likely that a user will end up going to someone else's site. So why not increase a chance that they won't by adding few CGIs to your web site.

    If you are interested in custom CGI/PERL programming don't hesitate to get a quote on what you need by going here. We are always looking forward to work with you.

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